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  1. I am in Florida, and have a very high conflict situation with my ex husband. We just started a parallel parenting approach, initiated by me through mediation. In the same meeting, of which he refused to sit in the room with me, he told the mediator that he was going to petition the court to have my time take down from 50% to only every other weekend. He is planning on using my personal life as the tool to do so. Has anyone recently, in Florida, been to a hearing that involved the other parent trying to get the time share against them reduced? How does the judge determine his ruling? Will we each have an opportunity to speak? Call witnesses? My personal life is not one that I am concerned that he will get what he is looking for per say, he has been "gathering evidence" against me since we separated over 9 years ago. He feels that anything I do on my own personal time is what he will use to get his way. Even if it doesn't work, he will get the joy of dragging my name thru the dirt. Any advice on how to prepare for this?
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