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  1. My Ex and I use a CoParenting app exclusively to communicate, we don't call each other, text, I'm not on social media and we don't see each other at pickups/drop offs. You can't actually see your own profile picture on this app, but your coparent sees it every time they open it to communicate about the kids, so when we started using the app I set my profile picture to just a picture of the kids. She set hers to one of her and her boyfriend, and has actually updated it to another one of her and her boyfriend here recently, so I get to see a picture of them daily. I've been ignoring it, but I have to ask, is this normal behavior? It's almost been a year since the divorce and over a year since she started dating this guy, why is she so intent on rubbing her relationship in my face? I don't care about her, I care about the kids, I don't see how our co parenting relationship needs to involve anyone else.
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