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  1. I divorced from my ex-wife a few years ago and she is still causing issues. We have joint legal and physical custody week on and week off. Within the last couple couple of months things have gone off the rails because she wanted to put the boys in a private school. The boys are in a highly rated school district and the oldest has attended or three years. He was going to third grade and the youngest was starting kindergarten. She wanted me to tour the private school she picked out and I said I would visit but was against private school. That weekend I did research on the school and found out that it was not highly rated, the principal stated in the state of the school that it was not out of the woods from closing down, it was located in a high crime area, and had lack of funding among other things. I texted her and said I wasn’t going to attend but gave her parameters of what I would be looking for if we did choose private school. She kept on all week saying she wasn’t canceling the meeting. That Friday I get a text asking if I would be at the school because she was on her way and I told her no. She signed the boys up and disenrolled them from their elementary school without my permission. It took me multiple calls and emails with the principals to get things corrected. I sent the, our court order and school attorneys said she could t change them on her own. she quits communicating and takes them out of their daycare until her attorney told her she had to put them back because she said the daycare was unsafe for the children. I gave her a list of 5 others that she could sign them up at but she hasn’t done so, just keeps complaining. she keeps sending toys to my house the weeks I have the boys. I told her the boys don’t get toys all the time my house and they have to earn them. So she comes to my house in the middle of the night and tapes toys to the side of my car for the boys. i tell her that I would like to meet with her and the principal at school and the administrator at daycare to talk about issues and she meets with both of them without me. i scheduled a meeting with a coparenting counselor and she spends the whole time lying and making things up instead of dealing with issues. The coparenting counselor tells her she needs to communicate with me and she does nothing but argue with the coparenting counselor. She now wants the children in counseling after 5 years post separation when there were no issues for a full 2 years. The children are doing great in school and nobody has said they were concerned about the children. I told her I would consider it if she gives me reason why she feels they need to go. She won’t respond, just sends 3 emails saying she met with a counselor. i am at a loss on how to deal with her.
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