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  1. https://www.theatlantic.com/family/archive/2020/04/navigating-joint-custody-under-coronavirus-quarantine/609676/ How are parents supposed to deal with joint custody right now?
  2. All of these legal questions really come down to your custody agreement. If you fought over the agreement in court, there were ways things were most likely to go (depending on the state and court), but you're quite likely to be bound by whatever you agreed to. In terms of financial contributions, usually a big change in expenses for one person triggers a new look at child support. But, again, if he's not going to be reasonable, you might have to talk to a lawyer or go back to court.
  3. https://www.washingtonpost.com/lifestyle/2020/03/27/navigating-co-parenting-time-social-distancing-quarantines/
  4. I'm having the opposite problem again this school year. Whenever one of the kids is sick, school calls my ex (the mom) first. We both work flexible jobs, and I wouldn't mind taking a day off to watch a sick kid now and then.
  5. It can be really hard to decide how to spend your time with your kids when the time is limited. You want to do things with them and bond with them, but you also don't just want to be special occasion "Disney dad", you want to be there for the normal lives. I give them some alone screen time, and we watch some series and movies together, but I definitely prefer not to have them just watch iPad or youtube all day when they're with me.
  6. I should add, if I'm talking to the kids I refer to it as "our house", not "my house" or "dads house".
  7. Moms and dads. I sometimes it find it tough to refer to the family house that I lived in for a decade as moms house, but that's what it is now.
  8. https://www.foxnews.com/entertainment/lenny-kravitz-wife-blended-family These stories are nice, and it's great to see people get along as well they can. But I think it sets up an unrealistic expectation that ideal coparenting involves the children's parent and step-parent being good friends. In some relationships, that might happen; but in others, there's good reason for it not to. I think good coparenting is doing what's best for the kids in your situation.
  9. This was interesting: Does having divorced parents affect your marriage? Kids learn what adult relationships look like from their parents. Having divorced parents definitely affects their view on marriage. But, it's not all bad, some might be more cautious, vowing to do better than their parents did, and be more careful in partner selection.
  10. https://drkarenfinn.com/divorce-blog/coparenting/509-13-reasons-why-co-parenting-doesn-t-work-for-everyone Lists 12 requirements for successful coparenting, then inverts them to identify those situations in which one of those 12 is not met. The 12 are:
  11. It seems pretty natural for parents to want to talk about college as the date approaches, divorced or not. It seems a reasonable thing to try to plan. Had you given any thought or planning before the divorce to college?
  12. Yep, but he has a new girlfriend. Be honest with yourself about whether you're being friendly because you really want to be that close of friends with him in this new reality or if you're still clinging to the way things were or even secretly hoping to get back together.
  13. We're still having troubles with the little stuff. Did you order the kids' yearbooks at schools? Do I send in the field trip money, or just pass the note on to the ex? We don't want to be constantly sending bills back and forth for 50% of minor expenses, but I don't want to hesitate to send in a payment for something because I feel like I've been overpaying lately.
  14. https://goodmenproject.com/divorce/9-tips-for-co-parenting-with-a-difficult-ex-kfnn-cmtt/ This one really speaks to me:
  15. https://goodmenproject.com/divorce/9-tips-for-co-parenting-with-a-difficult-ex-kfnn-cmtt/ Article points out that one of the things everyone should think about is if co-parenting is even possible in their relationship (by that they mean highly cooperative and coordinate parenting). In some situations the kids are better off with "parallel parenting" (which I think is really just low contact coparenting), because the parents don't get along so trying to coordinate too much actually makes things worse.
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