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  1. Do you do anything for the kids mom or not?
  2. No arguing via text. Texts are saved for coordinating.
  3. It seems useful to coordinate on things like bedtimes, screen time, rules, etc.
  4. Thanks guys. I guess my worry is the threat of litigation, especially because we don't have an agreement in place.
  5. My ex has raised paying for college a few times recently. She tried to casually drop it into conversations a couple times, then recently when discussing finances said something about how she'd have to start saving soon to pay for the girls' college (we were well enough off when together that we hadn't felt the need to save). We've been broken up about 2 years, fully separated about 1.5 years, but we don't have any formal legal separation agreement. We've just agreed to live in separate houses, have separate finances, and have agreed on 50-50 custody. Girls are 7 and 10. I'm not sure what to think of this all. It's pretty clear she wants me to volunteer to (help) pay for college.
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